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Scuba Diving

There is nothing more thrilling than scuba diving in the incredibly clear blue waters of Crater Lake – one of the deepest lakes in the entire world. Read More

  • One of the deepest and clearest lakes on earth, diving at Crater Lake is a unique experience.
  • Permits are required but are available for no charge.
  • Divers must be certified to dive at Crater Lake.
  • The lake is usually accessible for diving from mid-June to mid-September.


Scuba diving Crater Lake is a popular activity in the summer. Known for its phenomenally clear blue water, this pristine lake is one of the deepest lakes on earth. Formed over 7,700 years ago when the Mount Mazama volcano erupted and then collapsed, rugged cliffs of nearly 2,000 feet surround this beautiful lake. It’s no wonder this fascinating lake holds a special appeal for scuba divers. All those who want to have the thrilling and unique experience of Crater Lake diving must be certified.

Where to go Scuba Diving

The only way divers can access the water at Crater Lake is via the Cleetwood Cove trail, which descends nearly 700 feet to the lake surface. You will need to be able to carry all of your scuba diving equipment down and then back up this challenging trail.

Diving is prohibited within 100 feet of the Cleetwood Cove dock and mooring facilities, and within 100 feet of the Wizard Island dock. No solo diving is allowed.

Crater Lake is accessible for diving only between approximately mid-June to mid-September. Diver permits are required and must be obtained when you arrive at the park. These permits are free. Wet suits are required due to the water’s cold temperature.

Guided Tours & Rentals

If you are considering a diving expedition at Crater Lake, be sure to check out the scuba outfitters listed on this page.