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Wizard Island

One of the most beautiful sites at Crater Lake is Wizard Island, a volcanic cinder cone that rises over 760 feet above the lake’s crystal clear waters.

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  • Wizard Island received its name because it looks like a sorcerer’s hat.
  • The island was formed long after the initial eruption that created Crater Lake.
  • Boat cruises offered during the summer provide access to this picturesque island.
  • A challenging 800-foot hike to the island's summit provides breathtaking views of the lake and nearby mountains.


One of two islands at Crater Lake, Wizard Island is a fascinating geological formation. Believed to have formed long after the initial volcanic eruption that created the lake, Wizard Island covers nearly one square mile of the lake. The picturesque island is covered with a variety of conifers including Shasta red fir, white bark pine, and hemlock. The lake was given its name due to its resemblance of a sorcerer’s hat. Boat tours during the summer allow access to the island. An 800 foot hike to its summit boasts breathtaking views of the pristine lake and nearby mountain peaks.

Location & Information

Wizard Island Crater Lake is southwest of Bend in Oregon’s only national park. Located in the center of the lake, it can be accessed via boat from July to mid-September. You’ll need to go the Cleetwood Trailhead at the northern side of the lake for the boat tour to the island.

Contact information for Wizard Island Oregon: P.O. Box 7, Crater Lake, Oregon 97604. Phone: 541-594-3000. Visit the website at http://www.nps.gov/crla.


  • Boat tours to the island and around the lake are great fun for the entire family. These tours run during the summer only, starting in July.
  • Hiking on Wizard Island offers spectacular views. There are two trails – one winds its way from the dock to the island’s western side, while the other takes you to the top of the cone via switchbacks.
  • Fishing from the island is a popular activity. No license is required for you to cast your line. Kokanee salmon and rainbow trout are plentiful in the deep, clear waters.

Fun Facts

  • Wizard Island’s summit is 6, 993 feet above sea level and approximately 760 feet above the lake’s surface.
  • The island was named by William G. Steel in 1885. He also named the crater at the island’s summit the “Witches Cauldron”.
  • The island’s crater measures 300 feet across and is about 90 feet deep.
  • The part of the island above water is 315.85 acres.