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Park Programs

There are varieties of park programs in Crater Lake National Park, which can enhance your visit. Upon arriving at the Park, you can check at the Park Headquarters and the William G. Steel Visitors Center to see what programs may be scheduled during your visit. Programs vary from simple interpretive walks, to evening programs, to ranger-led programs for bus tours. Read More

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To get the most out of your stay at Crater Lake National Park, you may want to participate in one or more of a variety of park programs. Ranger led walks and easy hikes are one way to explore the vast array of plants and to better understand the geology of the area. Interpretive talks are also available at the Visitor Centers as well as maps, books, DVD's etc.

Crater Lake National Park also offers ranger-led programs for bus tours on a staff-available basis. Tour groups may arrange to meet a ranger, who will ride along on the trip around the thirty-three mile Rim Drive. The Park Ranger can explain the formation of Crater Lake and point out the Cascade Mountains to the north and south. Interesting information will be discussed including geology, Native American legends, and the current ongoing scientific research on the lake. Arrangements need to be made ahead of time – at least two weeks in advance of your arrival. Bus tours can be arranged from the last week in June through mid-September.