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Biking Routes

The number of bicyclists traveling to Crater Lake National Park has increased each year. The majority of those riding bicycles in the Park like to ride around the Lake on the thirty-three-mile Rim Drive. There is limited other cycling allowed within the Park.

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Cycling in Crater Lake National Park can be a challenge even for the fittest riders. The thirty-three mile Rim Drive, which loops around the top of the crater, is a demanding ride with its high elevation and numerous steep hills. However, there are nearly thirty overlooks and pullouts for lots of time to rest and the scenery is spectacular.

If you are not accustomed to riding on the same roads as vehicular traffic then you should not consider riding at Crater Lake National Park. For the most part, biking paths are also the roads used by the automobiles. Bicycles are not permitted on the Park trails. Grayback Drive does provide nearly eight miles of unpaved, one-way road for those who wish to mountain bike.

Be sure to obey all traffic rules and regulations, wear a bicycle helmet, and use extreme caution as the individuals in the cars are also enjoying the scenery and may not be totally aware of your presence on the roadway.