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Rim Drive

The thirty-three mile Rim Drive at Crater Lake National Park is aptly named for it encircles Crater Lake along the rim of the volcanic crater. Rim Drive is the most popular road in Crater Lake National Park providing a different perspective of Crater Lake, the rim and the surrounding terrain with each mile.

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A fabulous way to enjoy Crater Lake National Park is to get a great view while driving or cycling along the thirty-three mile Rim Drive which encircles the Lake. There are numerous turnouts, most with interpretive signs. The Lake is actually nestled nearly a mile below the rim of the crater and is only accessible via a mile long steep trail which takes you to Cleetwood Cove. From here, you can take boat tours of the lake.

As you travel on Rim Drive, you will find various picnic areas and hiking trailheads including those that lead to Garfield Peak, Lightning Springs, Cleetwood Cove, Mount Scott, Sun Notch Viewpoint and Crater Peak. All of these locations provide spectacular views of the Lake. Please protect the natural setting by staying on established trails!

Rim Drive is normally open from late June to mid-October. Getting Rim Drive cleared for traffic is an enormous task each year. This is easily understood when you realize that the area can get nearly 533 inches of snow each year. This is equivalent to nearly 44 feet!