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Fishing opportunities in Central Oregon are nearly boundless. Whether you want to cast your line for rainbow trout in pristine mountain streams, or try to outsmart hungry and feisty lake trout and brookies, Central Oregon is the place to be. Central Oregon is the home to some excellent lake fishing in the well-known lakes and the numerous high mountain lakes that dot the backcountry. Read More

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With 500 miles of rivers and streams and more than 150 high-mountain lakes, Central Oregon is a veritable angler's paradise. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife maintain two local hatcheries in Central Oregon that raise trout and salmon for stocking mountain lakes and streams. There is no shortage of fish to catch at the many reservoirs and lakes in the area. All of the lakes, as well as the Crane Prairie Reservoir, Lake Billy Chinook, and Wickiup Reservoir, are stocked with rainbow and brown trout.

Lake fishing is a great family activity. All members of the family, regardless of their age or fishing experience, can enjoy casting their line from the shore into the calm lake waters. Forests and grassy meadows surround the majority of the lakes – the ideal place for a family picnic. You can make a day of it or check into the camping accommodations at many of the lakes and combine a family camping/fishing vacation. Anyone over the age of 14 must have a license to fish in Oregon waters. Licenses are available wherever bait and tackle are sold.