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Central Oregon fly fishers will find lots of hungry trout in and around the Bend area with proven fisheries including the Deschutes, Crooked, Fall and Metolius rivers, not to mention the incredible Cascade Lakes fisheries, high in the Cascade Mountains.

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Waters Around Bend

Anglers from all the the world have heard of the Deschutes River, but little do most realize that the area around Bend is also home to other quality waters including the Crooked River, Metolius River and countless mountains lakes. 


Fishermen can connect with rainbows, redsides, whitefish and bull trout in the Bend region, but many plan a trip here to take advantage of the steelhead opportunities on the Deschutes that present themselves in late summer and fall. As a part of the Columbia River system, the Deschutes offers steelhead and at least 70 miles of year round water.


Aside from the late summer and fall steelhead action on the Deschutes, the area fishes well from spring through fall, but many year-round options exist. The Metolius is a spring creek fishery that can be hot at all times. Crooked Creek is year round fun for anglers of all abilities.

Insider Trading

Fishing is one area where insider trading is encouraged. Getting all the inside information on a given river or creek is key to having a good day on the water. Hire a guide to get the closest thing to a sure thing. Once you learn a few spots and a couple hot patterns or lures, your catch rate will soar.