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Horse Pack Trips

A great way to experience all the wide-open spaces that Central Oregon has to offer is on the back of a horse. Horse pack trips are multi-day excursions where horse are the primary mode of transportation, as well as pack animals for gear and food. Read More

Guides and outfitters in Central Oregon offer a number of unique horseback riding opportunities for the experienced and inexperienced rider alike. Long days in the saddle can make you soar, so prepare properly for your horse pack trip. Trail rides are offered that explore the high country desert, high mountain meadows, rolling hills and high mountain passes.

Horseback riders have the chance to explore various areas in the Cascade Mountain Range and to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, deserts and lava fields and to witness nature up close and personal. A trail ride can last a day or several days – depending on your preference.

To feel the thrill of a good horse beneath you as you try your hand at being a "cowboy". Ride along mountain trails and unused roads in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. You can camp in grassy meadows by a melodious stream and share meals with newfound friends. Enjoy the evening relaxing around a campfire. Typically, outfitters supply you with a tent, meals and plenty of incredible tails. They will inform you of the items that you will need during your trip, and if not, you might want to consider another guide!

Some of the outfitters featured here also offer unique guided backcountry fly-fishing trips to waters that are accessible only on horseback. Begin your search for horse pack trips and trail rides by selecting one of the outfitters below.