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Waldo Lake Wilderness

Waldo Lake Wilderness Area is located several miles southwest of Bend on the western edge of Waldo Lake, deep within the beautiful Willamette National Forest.

  • Explore over 84 miles of scenic hiking trails.
  • Fish for salmon and trout in Waldo Lake, a phenomenally clear lake with depths up to 420 feet.
  • Enjoy beautiful views of Waldo Lake from the 22 mile Waldo Lake Loop.
  • A protected wilderness area established in 1984.


Nestled in the beautiful Willamette National Forest several miles southwest of Bend is the Waldo Lake Wilderness. Designated as a protected wilderness area in 1984, the Waldo Lake Wilderness covers 39,200 acres of Central Oregon. Covered with lush forest consisting of Douglas fir, silver fir, and mountain hemlock, the Wilderness contains several lakes and miles of trails. Waldo Lake, the second deepest lake in Oregon reaching depths of 420 feet, is located on the eastern edge of the Wilderness.

Location and Information

Waldo Lake Wilderness is located several miles southwest of Bend. It is most readily accessed via Hwy 97 south to Hwy 58 west.

Contact Information

Willamette National Forest, 3106 Pierce Parkway, Suite D, Springfield, OR 97477. Phone: 541-225-6300.


  • Hiking – The Wilderness area has nearly 84 miles of trails winding through it, many of which lead hikers to and around beautiful alpine lakes and other incredibly scenic spots. The 22 mile Waldo Lake loop is a favorite, although most of it is outside the boundaries of the Wilderness.
  • Fishing – Although just outside of the Wilderness, Waldo Lake is a very popular destination for avid anglers. It is a phenomenally clear lake that contains both trout and salmon. There are several other lakes within the Wilderness.

Fun Facts

  • Lakes within the Waldo Lake Wilderness include Quinn Lake, Eddeeleo Lake, Six Lakes Basin, and Wahanna Lake.
  • All but two percent of the Waldo Lake Wilderness is covered with lush forest.
  • The elevation throughout the Wilderness varies from 2,800 feet to over 7,100 feet.