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Petersen Rock Gardens

Located just 12 miles north of Bend is a magical place known as the Petersen Rock Garden - an array of stone, glass, and petrified wood structures built by a Danish immigrant with a vivid imagination and a keen eye for detail.

  • A fascinating and magical folk art creation built over 17 years.
  • Created by Rasmus Petersen, a Danish immigrant who wanted to pay tribute to his new country.
  • Located just 12 miles north of Bend.
  • View miniature castles and other structures made from local rocks, glass, and petrified wood.


While you’re visiting Bend, be sure to take a morning or afternoon to drive up to the Petersen Rock Garden and Museum just 12 miles north. Created by a Danish immigrant by the name of Rasmus Petersen, the folk art attraction covers four acres that was once farmland. Mr. Peterson spent 17 years creating this magical rock garden. It is comprised of miniature castles, cottages, bridges, ponds, and churches. There is also a 7 foot replica of the Statue of Liberty. Each structure is beautifully detailed and constructed from a variety of rocks, glass, and petrified wood from the area. Mr. Petersen built the rock garden as a tribute to his new homeland.

Location and Information

The Petersen Rock Garden is located 12 miles north of Bend about 2 miles west of Highway 97. It is open year round, 7 days a week.

Contact Information: Petersen Rock Garden & Museum, 7930 Southwest 77th Street, Redmond, OR 97756. Phone: 541-382-5574. 


  • Museum and Gift Shop – Visit the museum and gift shop while you are there.  You'll find a variety of beautiful post cards and souvenirs of the Petersen Rock Garden.

Fun Facts

  • Rasmus Petersen started building the Rock Garden in 1935 and completed it in 1952. 
  • Below the replica of the Statue of Liberty is a plaque placed there by Mr. Petersen. It reads, “Enjoy Yourself – It Is Later Than You Think". The statue sits atop a beautiful stone foundation.
  • The rock garden also contains a replica of Independence Hall.
  • The types of rock used to build the structures include obsidian, jasper, thunder egg, and agate.