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Diamond Peak Wilderness

Stretching over 52,000 acres southwest of Bend is the scenic Diamond Peak Wilderness Area – home to a variety of beautiful wildlife, miles of hiking trails, and majestic Diamond Peak.

  • Hike the 14 mile stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail along Diamond Peak’s east face.
  • Climb to the 8,744-foot summit Diamond Peak for breathtaking views.
  • Explore over 52,000 acres of designated Wilderness Area.
  • Located southwest of Bend via Cascade Lakes Highway or Hwy 97 to Hwy 58.


The beautiful Diamond Peak Wilderness Area is located southwest of Bend in Central Oregon. Covered with thick forest comprised of fir, hemlock, and pine, the area is a haven for outdoor lovers. A variety of wildlife inhabits the area including elk, deer, marmots, and pikas adding to the area’s natural beauty. Majestic Diamond Peak, at 8,744 feet, towers on the southeastern part of the Wilderness. The 52,377 acres of land were designated as a National Wilderness Area in 1964.

Location and Information

The Diamond Peak Wilderness Area is located over 50 miles southwest of Bend. It can be accessed via the Cascade Lakes Highway to Hwy 58 west, or via Hwy 976 south to Hwy 58 west.

Contact Information

Deschutes National Forest, 1001 SW Emkay Drive, Bend, OR 97702. Phone: 541-383-5300. Visit the website here.


  • Hiking – This is a beautiful area of Central Oregon for hiking, with around 125 miles of trails to explore throughout the Wilderness. The Pacific Crest Trail winds along the east face of Diamond Peak.
  • Mountain Climbing – Many climbers scale Diamond Peak each year to enjoy spectacular views from its summit. Nearby Rockpile Lake, Marie Lake, and Divide Lake are often used by climbers to set up camp before they start their climb.

Fun Facts

  • Black bears live in the Wilderness year round, along with a variety of small animals including snowshoe rabbits and foxes.
  • The second highest peak in the Wilderness is Mount Yoran at 7,138 feet.
  • Lakes in the area range in size from just one acre to 28 acres.
  • Diamond Peak is a shield volcano that has been eroded by glaciers over time.

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