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The Department of Parks and Recreation for the City of Bend has an awesome job. They are charged with taking care of seventy-one different parks, maintaining forty-eight miles of trials, and coordinating and supporting 550 different and varied recreation programs. Come on out to Bend and join in all the fun!

The Bend Department of Parks and Recreation pride themselves on the part they play in connecting their community to nature and to each other. In total, the Department manages and is responsible for over 2,375 acres of parks and open space – seventy-one different properties including riverfront, community, sports and regional parks. In addition, they maintain and manage forty-eight miles of the Bend Urban Trail System.

The Department of Parks and Recreation continues to grow as the population of Bend grows. As the need arises for more facilities and properties, the Department works closely with the community to develop new projects.

Properties are available for individual use or use by groups. If you are interested in using a particular facility for your special event, contact the Department. Be sure to observe all rules and regulations while using any of the parks and recreational facilities in Bend. The Bend Metro Park & Recreation District invites you to expand your visit to Bend, by making a visit to the many parks, open spaces and trails available for your use.