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Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley of Oregon stretches from just below the Oregon-Washington border south to the City of Eugene. This area is comprised of some of the most fertile and lush farmland in all of the Northwest. Nineteenth century pioneers followed the Oregon Trail to this area drawn by its reputation for abundant land, idyllic beauty and ample resources.

The Willamette Valley is so close to Central Oregon, that there is no excuse not to visit this agricultural heart of Oregon while in the area. For those who enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, a trip on the back roads through the area during the spring and summer growing seasons will reward you with roadside produce stands and farmers' markets in many of the valley's historic towns.

The area is home to historic covered bridges. The mild temperatures and relatively flat landscape invites hikers and bicyclists to enjoy the countryside. The towns of Corvallis and Eugene, home to two major colleges, also have paved paths for hikers and bikers. Here you will find nearly two hundred wineries with a variety of vintages. The Willamette Valley is also known as Oregon's Wine Country. Other well known exports include Hazelnuts, raspberries, blackberries and Christmas trees.

The Willamette Valley has many rivers, lakes and waterfalls. This, in combination with the mild year round temperatures, makes the area a favorite location for outdoor recreation. So, while in the Central Oregon area, make a day trip to the Willamette Valley or include a stop here on your way to or from the Central Oregon area.