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The Dalles Oregon

The Dalles, Oregon is known as the end of the Oregon Trail. Many of the early pioneers loaded their wagons here onto rafts or barges and continued their trek to Oregon City by floating down the Columbia River and then up the Willamette River. This is a historic site in the history of the establishment of the American West.

Just three hours north of Bend, Oregon on Oregon Highway 97, you will find The Dalles, Oregon. This was the site of a fort, which was built to protect settlers and was the only military post between the Pacific Coast and Wyoming. One building from the fort remains and has been become a part of the local Museum.

With its great historic past, The Dalles museum has a collection of military artifacts, household goods, and old medical equipment. This is just one of the many fascinating local stops on the Old Town Walking Tour. The Dalles is also home to the state's oldest bookstore. Pulpit Rock, once used as gathering place for missionaries to preach, stands in the middle of 12th Street in The Dalles.

On the top of the cliffs overlooking the city, you will find Sorosis Park. From here, you will see a fantastic view of the river, the mountains and the city. At The Dalles, you can enjoy windsurfing, fishing and camping.

The Dalles is a great piece of western history and a fun place to visit on the way to or from the Central Oregon area.