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Oregon Coast

When you are planning your visit to Central Oregon, allow enough time in your plans to check out the Oregon Coast. This over 400 miles of scenic, public coastline is composed of varying landscapes ranging from rough and rugged cliffs to pine forests to sand dunes and sandy beaches.

Within three hours from Bend, Oregon, you can be staring at the Pacific Ocean and having the sea breeze blow your hair. The entire Oregon Coast is filled with a variety of one-of-a-kind attractions including unique seashore communities, wonderful seafood restaurants, lighthouses, amazing state parks, numerous art galleries, museums, an aquarium and awe-inspiring vistas. The amazing scenery and mild temperatures makes the Oregon Coast one of the state's favorite regions.

The Oregon Coast has a down-home atmosphere and is a great place to visit any season of the year. Recreational opportunities include fishing, cycling, flying kites, scuba diving, hiking, windsurfing, surfing, whale and bird watching … or just enjoying the sea air while you read a good book. For indoor activity, you can pick aquariums, art galleries, festivals, parades and/or theaters. Check out the various lighthouses and explore one of the hundreds of state parks.

Every day of the year, the Oregon coast welcomes you for a memorable vacation or getaway. Depending on the season, you can enjoy quiet solitude or listen to the laughter of children along the relaxing stretches of beaches. During the winter, spend some time watching the storms as they come in from the sea.

Lodging is available in hotels, motels, inns and bed and breakfasts. You will find great dining and friendly hospitable locals all along the Oregon Coast.