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Ochoco Highway

One of the many scenic routes to take while visiting Central Oregon is the Ochoco Highway. This paved two-way route takes you by the town of Prineville and on north toward the community of John Day. This section of US Highway 26 passes through the Ochoco National Forest and provides many opportunities to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area.

As you travel along the Ochoco Highway, you will pass through the Ochoco National Forest and then on to wide-open expanses of ranch and farmland. The roadway passes alongside various mountain streams and through wildflower-covered meadows.

If you are planning a trip from any place to the east of Central Oregon, this is a great scenic route to take to get there. Connecting with Vale, Oregon and then on to Ontario which is just northwest of Boise, Idaho – the Ochoco Highway is a link for traffic headed to Central Oregon. If you are just looking for a wonderful day trip and/or adventure in the Ochoco Forest and the lands beyond, take the time to explore the area that can be found along the Ochoco Highway.