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Central Oregon Highway

The Cascade Lakes Highway— Oregon State Highway 46— is the most well known central Oregon Highway. This scenic route through the middle of Oregon is surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests that has delighted motorists, bicyclists and hikers for nearly fifty years. Previously known as Century Drive, the Cascade Lakes Highway provides fun and an exciting daylong excursion during the summer and fall. Read More

You can take many scenic routes in Central Oregon. Various ones have been called the Central Oregon Highway, due to their specific locations within the region known as Central Oregon. However, the one that is most frequently seen as synonymous with the Central Oregon Highway is the Cascade Lakes Highway.

This highway is one of the nationally recognized Scenic Byways and it proves that all the natural beauty that can be seen on this route is well worth the day you will spend driving it and stopping at the many scenic turnouts. If you plan to explore this great Scenic Byway, be sure to travel in the summer and fall. Because of heavy snowfall in the winter and early spring, the route is closed past the entrance to Mt. Bachelor parking lot from mid-November until late May every year.

You can start this loop at different locations in Central Oregon. The northern most entry point is Bend. The middle entry point is Sunriver, and the southern most entry point is La Pine. Stop at any of the merchants located in these communities of Central Oregon and grab a picnic lunch to enjoy as you explore the spectacular scenery along the Central Oregon Highway.