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Mountain Driving

Driving in the mountains presents unique problems and situations, which require greater attention to the same driving skills used on all other terrains. Steep grades, winding roads, blind curves, falling rocks, wildlife, and unpredictable weather can present great potential risk and serious consequences. This is true for traveling to Central Oregon and driving in Central Oregon. Read More

Mountain driving is fraught with addition risks and hazards not normally experienced by the driver in many urban and rural areas. In addition to the winding roads, steep grades, blind curves, falling rocks and wildlife, the motorists traveling in the mountains need to be aware of high winds, sightseeing motorists, bicyclists, and hikers. Mountain driving requires a high level of concentration, respect for the terrain, and a high level of consciousness for your surroundings.

Before departing on a drive through the mountains, or taking one of the many National Scenic Routes in and around Central Oregon be sure that you are alert and well rested. Always check the weather and road conditions, but also be aware that the weather can change suddenly in the mountains. And, perhaps most importantly, be sure that your vehicle is in safe mechanical condition. When traveling in the mountains, you should make frequent checks of the gauges, air pressure, engine temperature, oil pressure gauges and mirrors.

Take your time when driving in the mountains. There are many scenic vistas where you can turn off the road and step out of your vehicle for a break and to enjoy the countryside. Go slow and enjoy the entire beautiful mountain splendor that can be found in Central Oregon.