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Three Finger Jack

Three Fingered Jack, located about 42 miles northwest of Bend, has a distinctively rugged appearance and unusual name making it one of Central Oregon’s most interesting peaks.

  • A rugged summit reaching 7,841 feet attracts many climbers to this beautiful mountain.
  • One of the Cascade’s oldest volcanoes, located about 42 miles northwest of Bend.
  • Just north of the Santiam Pass, it is easily accessed via the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • The surrounding forests offer beautiful scenery for campers.


Known for its jagged peak rising up to the sky, Three Finger Jack is located west of Bend not far from the Santiam Pass. One of the oldest volcanoes in the Cascade Range, Three Fingered Jack is an extinct shield volcano that has been deeply eroded by glacial activity over time. It is a popular peak for experienced mountain climbers, with a 7,841 foot summit that boasts absolutely breathtaking views of other Cascade volcanoes. The northeast face of the mountain is considered one of the most challenging and dangerous climbs in Oregon.

Location and Information

Three Finger Jack, Oregon is located a little over 42 miles northwest of Bend, just a little north of Santiam Pass on Hwy 20. Not accessible via road, the mountain is best accessed via the Pacific Crest Trail.

  • Contact Information: Sisters Ranger District, PO Box 248, Sisters, OR 97759. Phone: 541-549-2111.  Visit the website here.


  • Mountain Climbing – Experienced climbers are drawn to this challenging peak. The difficulty level varies depending on the route, with the northeast face considered the most treacherous. Although winter climbs make for more stable rock due to freezing, the best time to climb “Jack” is between June and October. Regardless of the route, the final stretch to the summit is a strenuous Class V.
  • Camping - There are some beautiful places to camp in both the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests not far from the mountain.  Sparkling lakes, alpine meadows blooming with wildflowers, and several scenic hiking trails make this a very appealing area for nature lovers. 

Fun Facts

  • Three Fingered Jack was first named Mount Marion. The name was changed in the early 1900s. Historians report that the name was derived from a Spanish outlaw named Tres Dedos (which means “three fingers”) who was killed in 1853 by California Rangers.
  • The mountain was first summited in 1923.
  • Due to erosion, much of the rock on the mountain is very poor. It has been reported that the rock at the summit actually vibrates during high winds.
  • The last eruption of this extinct volcano is believed to have been about 250,000 years ago.