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Mount Jefferson

Located 50 miles northwest of Bend, Mt. Jefferson, Oregon is part of the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range and the second highest peak in the state.

  • The second tallest mountain in Oregon at nearly 10,500 feet.
  • Considered an active volcano, an eruption near Mt. Jefferson has occured as recently as 950 A.D.
  • The surrounding Mt. Jefferson Wilderness has over 190 miles of trails.
  • Located about 50 miles northwest of Bend near the edge of Warm Springs Indian Reservation.


Mount Jefferson, Oregon, is the second tallest mountain in the state with an elevation of nearly 10,500 feet. Located within the beautiful Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, this majestic peak is one of the most difficult mountains to access in the Cascade Range. With rugged slopes deeply eroded by glaciers, Mt. Jefferson is a stratovolcano that is still regarded as active. The picturesque and rugged snow-capped mountain is widely photographed and attracts many mountain climbers.

Location and Information

Mt. Jefferson, OR, is located approximately 50 northwest of Bend near the southwest corner of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

  • Contact Information: Deschutes National Forest, 1001 SW Emkay Drive, Bend, OR 97702. Phone: 541-383-5300.


  • Mountain Climbing – Although not easily accessible, Mt. Jefferson attracts many climbers. A fairly challenging mountain to summit, it is graded Class 4 to 5. Weekend climbers often set up base camp in Jefferson Park.
  • Mt. Jefferson Wilderness – This beautiful wilderness area, which includes parts of both the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests, is a popular destination for backpacking, hiking, cross-country skiing and camping. The area has nearly 190 miles of trails, including 40 miles of the famous Pacific Crest Trail.

Fun Facts

  • Although reports vary, the most recent eruption near Mt. Jefferson is believed to have occurred as recently as 950 A.D., on South Cinder Peak. Mt. Jefferson has not had a major eruption for thousands of years.
  • In 1806, members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition named the mountain in honor of Thomas Jefferson, who was the current President of the United States.
  • Mt. Jefferson has five glaciers on its slopes – Jefferson Park, Whitewater, Milk Creek, Russell, and Waldo.
  • The forests on the mountain are comprised of Ponderosa and lodgepole pine, Douglas fir, silver fir, cedar, and mountain hemlock.
  • According to reports, Mt. Jefferson was first climbed in August, 1888.