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Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the outstanding scenic trails that traverse America from south to north. This particular trail in its entirety spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada making its way through three western states, California, Oregon and Washington. Thousands of hikers each year enjoy at least some segment of this scenic trail. Read More

The segment of the Pacific Crest Trail in the State of Oregon is the shortest segment and may be the easiest portion of the trail to hike. As the trail passes along the Cascade Mountain Range it traverses over a volcanic based landscape. This landscape is nearly constant in height so the traveler does not have to struggle with increases in elevation.

Along the way, the traveler can see spectacular views of the remains of the once highly volcanic area: the high mountain peaks of Mt. Thielson, Diamond Peak, Mt. Washington, and Three Finger Jack, plus Mt. McLoughlin, Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake), the Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt. Hood. Although, these peaks are exceeding high in elevation, they do not make the hike a problem as the Trail just travels along the lower portions of their slopes.

In addition to the spectacular views of the high mountain peaks, the traveler is treated to numerous lakes. The trail crosses through Crater Lake National Park, where a spur trail leads to the rim for a spectacular view of this magnificent lake. The Trail passes the largely unvisited small lakes and ponds of the Diamond Peak Wilderness. More small lakes and ponds are found in the Three Sisters Wilderness and north of Highway 20 in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness.

This segment of the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon has diverse plants including pine trees, Oregon grape and fireweed. Animals along the way include squirrels, beaver, fox, deer and elk.