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Deschutes River Trail System

When you visit Bend, be sure to take a walk along the beautiful Deschutes River Trail which winds through various parks, historic areas, and wetlands along the Deschutes River.

  • When completed, this trail system will be a continuous 19-mile trail along the beautiful Deschutes River.
  • The Awbrey Reach offers beautiful views of the river and the Three Sisters.
  • Explore the historic Old Mill District as you walk along the Old Mill Reach.
  • The Pioneer Reach passes through Bend’s historic Drake Park next to Mirror Pond.


The Deschutes River Trail is an ongoing project that began with the idea of creating an uninterrupted trail along the Deschutes River, which flows right through Bend. Still under construction, the Deschutes Trail will ultimately extend for 19 miles between Tumalo State Park and Meadow Camp. Comprised of five sections known as “reaches”, this beautiful trail provides beautiful views of the Deschutes River and distant Cascade peaks as it takes you along parks, golf courses, and canyon walls in the heart of Bend.

Awbrey Reach - This unpaved section is the northernmost part of the trail. There are a few hills along the way. Awbrey Reach offers incredible views of the river and the Three Sisters as it takes you along the top of a canyon wall. The best place to access the trail is from Sawyer Park.

River Run Reach - This rather flat, wide, unpaved stretch runs between the west bank of the Deschutes River and a high canyon wall. It takes you through the beautiful River’s Edge golf course and numerous wetlands. Watch for native wildlife including beavers, otters, Osprey, and trumpeter swans.

Pioneer Reach - Along this reach the trail winds through some of the oldest parts of Bend, including historic Drake Park next to Mirror Pond. Sections of the trail include downtown and residential sidewalks which don’t parallel the river. You can cross the river via several footbridges along this reach.

Old Mill Reach - This part of the Deschutes River Trail takes you through the historic Old Mill District, where you’ll find shops, galleries, parks, and restaurants. You can access trails on either side of the river via three different footbridges. Some sections are unpaved.

South Canyon Reach - This part of the Deschutes River Trail runs along both sides of the river as it flows through a picturesque canyon. A footbridge located about 1.5 miles upstream for the bridge at Farewell Bend Park connects the two trails. The trail on the west side, which is not open to bicycles, takes you through Mt. Bachelor Village. The trail on the east side has an unpaved stretch that is quite narrow and steep.