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Bend Urban Trail

Don't take offense if someone in Bend, Oregon tells you to "Take a Hike!" They're probably just suggesting that you take advance of the Bend Urban Trail system. The Bend Urban Trail System includes approximately forty-eight developed miles of trails that traverse a variety of terrain and connect to Forest Service Trails and the Deschutes River Trail System.

The primary trails in the Bend, Oregon area have been jointly developed, maintained and managed by the Bend Metro Park and Recreation District and the City of Bend since approximately 1995. Through comprehensive planning and public involvement, the Bend Urban Trails have become and continue to be a successful trails program.

The Urban Trails is an integrated system of trails that connect Bend neighborhoods to schools, parks and other particular destinations. To date, nearly forty-eight miles of trails have been identified. These sections of trails are located on public and private land and provide access to visitors and locals alike to some spectacular scenery. Using the Bend Urban Trail system, you can access the Deschutes River Trail System, and enjoy waterfalls and wildlife. So when visiting Bend, Oregon, be sure and "Take a Hike!"