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View great works of art in public places throughout the community! Art in Public Places has placed a variety of artwork representative of the history, culture and landscape of Central Oregon. Otters, trout and salmon seemingly play in sculptured waves, pronghorn antelope appear to be roaming through open fields, and children can be found dancing in circles. Read More

Despite where you might be traveling by foot, bicycle, motorcycle or car within the area of Bend, Oregon, you will undoubtedly come upon a work of art in what would normally seem like an unusual place. However, thanks to Art in Public Places, a non-profit organization in Central Oregon, wonderful works of art can been found in venues all over town.

You can find sculpture, fountains, walls, windows, paintings and various other works of art in Bend's parks, libraries, museums, and courtyards. In addition, Art in Public Places started placing sculpture in the middle of Bend's famous roundabouts in 2001. To date, fourteen roundabouts are the home to various pieces of art.

When visiting Bend, you will be taken with the various – sometimes massive – pieces of art – scattered around the community.

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Art in Public Places

The goal of Art in Public Places is to provide artistic pieces in locations around the city.