Deschutes County Rodeo, Redmond Oregon


Deschutes County Rodeo, Redmond OR

Grab your cowboy hat and your favorite cowboy or cowgirl and plan on attending the Deschutes County Rodeo in the fall in Redmond, Oregon! Held in conjunction with the Deschutes County Fair, the Rodeo is non-stop western fun and exciting action. The Rodeo is part of the Fair schedule and is free with paid admission to the Fair – so there is no excuse for not going.

Rodeo is a popular event today throughout the western United States and the Rodeo in Redmond, Oregon is one of the best. Rodeo is actually the official state sport of two states – Wyoming and Texas and in addition, it lives on in many states including Oregon.

In conjunction with the Deschutes County Fair, the Deschutes County Rodeo takes place each fall at the fairgrounds in Redmond, Oregon. The Rodeo consists of timed events where cowboys and cowgirls try to complete a task in the shortest amount of time and rough stock events, where cowboys and cowgirls try to stay on top a bucking animal for a designated time.

Come to the Deschutes County Rodeo and enjoy non-stop action, thrills, chills and some comedy from the rodeo clowns!

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