Balloons Over Bend, Oregon


Balloons Over Bend

An annual event, which takes place in the summer in Bend, is Balloons Over Bend. With numerous hot air balloons filling the Central Oregon skies with their colored shapes and sizes, it is an awe-inspiring scene. Because the weather needs to be calm, the day launch of the balloons take place early in the morning so prepare yourself to get up early.

  • The balloons lift off around 6:30 am each day
  • Coffee and pastries for sale at the event too

Overview: If you want to be able to see the launch of the Balloons Over Bend, you'll have to set your alarm. The balloons lift off around 6:30 am each day of the event at the Jewell Elementary School. After launch, they make their way up into the air and fill the sky over the city.

If you get there before launch time, you can enjoy strolling around and watching the various balloon teams ready their "air ships". This will put you right in the middle of the fun! If you forget your early morning coffee, don't worry. There are always coffee and pastries for sale at the launch site.

When: July 27th-29th, 2018

Where: Jewell Elementary school

Fees: Free to watch

Details: You will have another opportunity to be up close and personal with all the action at the Night Glow event. Here you will be entertained by live musicians, can take advantage of a beer garden and various food vendors, and have your children entertained with such activities as face painting. As the sun sets, several hot air balloons are laid out and inflated. It is colorful, spectacular, and fun for the whole family.

Find more information on their website.

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